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Central Karns Advantage

Why should you choose Central Karns Storage? We offer a complete storage solution in a well-managed facility with high-tech security and premium features.


Top-Notch Service

Our manager is in the on site office six days a week to provide you with personalized service. In addition, you can reserve a unit online, sign your rental agreement online via email link, and make rent payments on our website anytime.


SSA Member

As a member of the Self Storage Association, we uphold a code of ethics, guaranteeing the highest standards in the self-storage industry.


Standard Units

All standard units have insulated ceilings with vapor barriers. This reduces heat and stops condensation from dripping on your stored items.


Climate-Controlled Units

We offer heated and cooled units, in a variety of sizes, to protect your property from extreme temperatures and humidity. Our climate-controlled units offer an added barrier of security by having timer activated magnetic locks on the common entry doors into the climate-controlled areas.


Security Features

A security gate guards the entire facility with multiple cameras throughout the facility constantly record video on computer hard drives. Customers access the facility and their unit by punching in a unique code and individual door alarms, controlled by the customer’s unique code, provide an added protection to your individual unit.


Enforcer Cylinder Locks

The Enforcer cylinder lock system provided with your unit gives the ultimate barrier between your property and possible thieves. The locking system is an integral part of the door, bolted to a backing plate inside the door so it has no shackle or padlock to cut.


Proof of insurance is required to store your belongings at our facility. If you do not have Self-Storage Contents Insurance, we are pre-approved by Storsmart Insurance as a safe and secure place to store your belongings. Just simply fill out the enrollment form at the office to receive immediate ($0 deductible) coverage for your belongings. Best of all, you can pay your monthly insurance premium along with your monthly rent and you can cancel the policy at any time.